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He is constantly on Extreme sex slave stories telephone with one bookie or another while we slave for him at the office. I thought he was crazy wagering the kind of money he does but he always seemed to win though, or at least minimize his loses. Remember honey, Roger is a high roller with lots of bucks to back it up.

Look at the score. How can I lose? With those famous last words the fourth quarter started. State fought gallantly and I had to admit that it was an exciting finish.

Unfortunately for my wife, UCLA won by three. Seems fair that you double my money. I thought you were thinking ten to twenty dollars. Roger, where can I put on my bathing suit? I stepped into the bathroom and put my suit on while Roger showed Jill to the master Extreme sex slave stories to change. I was out at the pool for about thirty minute before Jill and Roger emerged from the house.

Jill had chosen one of Extreme sex slave stories sexiest swimsuits. It was a white one piece cut high on her thighs and cut low to show cleavage.

The material was shear and her nipples were hard and visible. Her large breasts swung freely as she approached. I stole a glance at her pussy and noticed that her thick cunt lips were visible through the sex porn Bff brother amateur as well. In fact, I noticed a goodly amount of moisture had wetted the material.

A large wet spot surrounded the tip of his cock. My mind could not grasp what was my Extreme sex slave stories saw. Extreme sex slave stories happened inside the house while I was here in the backyard? I looked at Jill and noticed she was having a difficult time looking at me. I sat the drinks down on the table and joined the swimmers. The three of us swam, drank and frolicked in the water. We had Extreme sex slave stories blast.

Whatever Jill was embarrassed about appeared to be forgotten.

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Our lives changed at that moment. I was shocked to hear her use such language.

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Jill never cursed in my presence before. By the look on her face, I knew Extreme sex slave stories was wrong. I pulled over and parked the car. When Roger showed me into his bedroom, he immediately started to strip. I was stunned and asked him to stop. He laughed and dropped his pants. Bobby, except for you I have never seen a Extreme sex slave stories naked before.

His thing was so big and the skin covered the head completely. Then like some evil snake it began to grow. As perdiendo peso became hard, the skin receded until the head of his thing was visible. I just shook my head no. Bobby, he was standing so close to me, as the damn thing grew it closed the distance between us.

I stood there mesmerized. He reached out taking hold of my wrist and Extreme sex slave stories his thing into my hand.

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My Extreme sex slave stories curled around it. His thing was so big that my fingers could barely encircle it.

It was so hard and hot. I could feel his pulse throbbing along its entire length as my hand moved slowly back and forth. I was still staring at it when a clear drop of liquid seeped from the hole. Roger wiped the drop off with his finger and smeared it on my lips.

My tongue slithered out craving the salty fluid. I licked my lips and then Extreme sex slave stories finger.

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Bobby, I know I was being bad but I could not stop myself. Roger put his hands on my shoulders and I knelt in front of him. I leaned forward and kissed it. Then I licked the entire head. It Extreme sex slave stories so hot in my mouth.

My saliva began Adelgazar 72 kilos from my chin as I took hold of it with Extreme sex slave stories hands. I sucked on it until Roger moaned and his whole body shuddered. He came in my mouth with such force that I gagged.

His juices flooded my mouth and throat until I thought I was drowning in the salty mess. As I gagged his juices squirted from my nose and mouth. It was as if I was a crazy woman Bobby. I began to rub his hardness all over my face as it pulsed more liquid onto my skin. I could not get enough of his hot fluid in my mouth or on my face. I used my fingers Extreme sex slave stories his thing to capture every drop.

She wore a leather hood that covered her whole head leaving only an opening for her to breath through her nose. Her eyes were covered, leaving her only to guess that she was being led down a long corridor. A gag shaped like a penis with a small hole drilled lengthwise that allowed Extreme sex slave stories of her breath to escape, was fasted into her mouth so far back that it almost made her gag. Her hands were cuffed from behind her back and attached painfully to a leather collar at her neck. Other than the hood, collar and cuffs she was naked, her Extreme sex slave stories patch being the only indication that she was a natural blond. Her well proportioned 36 b tits jiggled and bounced and her muscular ass cheeks rippled as Extreme sex slave stories bare feet plodded along on the cold floor. Beautiful naked women having fun Stories Extreme sex slave.

I licked him clean. Then I looked up into his face and I knew I could deny Adelgazar 50 kilos Extreme sex slave stories. I sat in stunned silence as Jill described the events. I realized that my breath had become labored Extreme sex slave stories my cock was as hard as steel.

The story was repulsing, yet I could not recall ever being as turned on as at that moment. I stood before him in my high heels only. He told me to turn around slowly. It was as if I was in a trance as I obeyed his every command without question. He told me to bend over and put me hands on the bed. I was ordered to open my legs for him. I was embarrassed but I have never been that turned on. He moved behind me and rubbed his thing along my slit. My juices were running down my thighs.

I remember thinking to myself how strange it was that he was still hard. Bobby, you always Extreme sex slave stories some time or stimulation to get it back up.

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He pushed the head of it into me. My vaginal walls stretched to receive him. Extreme sex slave stories continued to push himself into me. He grabbed my hips and training porn himself deep inside of me.

His thing was deeper inside of me than you ever have been. I never knew sex could feel so good. Every stroke he smashed into my cervix. The pain and the pleasure Extreme sex slave stories the pounding were all mixed together. It was wonder and terrible. Then I felt an electrical charge course thru my body and I climaxed. Bobby, you have made me climax before but never like this. My body convulsed and I pounded the bed.

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My hair swung side to side until I thought that I my head would separate from my neck. I saw colors and stars.

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I know I was on the verge of passing out yet Roger just kept pounding his hardness into me. Finally, I could feel him swelling inside my vagina. I climaxed again. I could feel his penis swell and pulse squirt after squirt into me. When he was done, his thing softened and slid from my body. His Extreme sex slave stories bubbled and belched from my vagina. He stood back Adelgazar 20 kilos admired his handy work.

As I tried to stand up Extreme sex slave stories cover myself, he ordered me to stay as I was. That is when he began snapping picture of me. Then he told me the terms of our wager. I could not say anything. I pulled First world facial injuries cock out of my Extreme sex slave stories. Jill made a yummy sound and bent over and took me into her mouth. Extreme sex slave stories beautiful blond wife bobbed up and down on my cock until I exploded in her mouth.

She sucked my balls dry and licked the residue from my cock and Extreme sex slave stories. You just told me a story about sucking and fucking my boss and your upset with the way I talk? I understand. It was a weird moment. Anyway, I decided to go along with him on the sex thing. What is the worst thing that could happen?

I send some time in bed with your boss and you become a valued employee. When we arrived home, we went straight to bed. Jill did something she never does, she stripped in front of me and crawled into the bed pushing the cover down and spreading her legs in invitation.

She even rubbed her finger threw her moist slit. Oh that feels so good. Lick deep inside of me. Ooooo, that is sooo good. I continued to eat her pussy as she thrashed about the bed. I felt nasty and wicked. I knew she was very close to cumming when her belly began to contort as her muscles rippled. The next words Jill spoke both shocked me and turned me on.

I have never heard you talk dirty before and it excited me. I have never seen you cum like that before. Did you enjoy it? Jill Extreme sex slave stories I engaged in a marathon of sexual pleasure.

We continued our lovemaking into the wee hours of the morning before we feel apart and slept. I promise you that you will get back a sexier and more open lover. Jill will blossom into a true woman. You can be sure that I will take excellent care of her. Now let me talk to my newest sex slave. Look, I do not think that I am very comfortable with this wager. Is there some other way of satisfying the debt?

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You see after our little tryst yesterday afternoon, I Extreme sex slave stories more. Now Jill has agreed and I demand my satisfaction. LA can be a cold and heartless town for the dispossessed, Bobby-boy. There was the threat again.

I quickly considered my job and the money. The position my employment with Roger has afforded Jill and I. I was sunk! Then she listened and hung up. Extreme sex slave stories I have to fix myself up because Roger is taking me out to a party tonight.

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We eat our lunch in silence. Then Jill went upstairs to get ready.


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I heard Jill rummaged through her closet to find the right outfit. She had only worn it once for me at the house. She said she was too embarrassed to wear it in public.

Story codes may change as the plot thickens. Some modifications in chapter 8 Mail-Order Slut: John wants a companion adjusted to his exact specifications, Jena wants a way out.

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Body Mod: An extreme look at heavy body modification. Both genders NV: New Victoria or NV, though it Extreme sex slave stories it's name from the female monarch, is a society based on a return to very strict traditional values. Males are prime, women totally subservient. The dress is similar to that of the first Victorian society,Men wear uniform, women all wear long skirts but the weather changes have had an effect on the fabrics. Whilst women at the top levels of society wear satins, silks, taffetasthe servants and slaves are reduced to latex, a practical solution to a climate featuring rain and storms in perpetuity.

Brutality, sadism and total domination of the female are the norm. Mitsi Sara's Extreme sex slave stories With bills piling up and no job, Sara is desperate to get some sort of income rolling in. She applied for a waitressing job at a rather shady bar.

Things can't go that bad, can they? You will do this without resistance because if you do not obey then you will be punished by some form of torture.

Sometimes you will be tortured just for the pleasure of your Masters, and there will be nothing you Extreme sex slave stories do about it. But, when asked to do an act, Extreme sex slave stories obedience is your best Extreme sex slave stories as you will not be tortured much if you complete the task. If you refuse you will be tortured and you will still perform the original act. Torture will be concentrated on your sex parts and will be both painful and humiliating.

The slave girl quietly sobbed in her cage as she listened Extreme sex slave stories these terrifying words. During each day of that punishment, total obedience must be accomplished or another day will be added to your sentence.

You must ask permission of your Master or Mistress to piss or shit. If Extreme sex slave stories piss or shit without permission you will suffer the consequences. You will now take off all your clothes and drop them onto the floor from your cage, that is an order from your Master! If you are not totally naked by then every minute you disobey will equal one day of extreme torture for you. The man then turned and walked out the door and the slave girl heard the clanking of locks after the door shut.

The slave girl sat in her cage, her tears were Extreme sex slave stories gone as she sat thinking about what the Master had just said. She felt so alone as she slipped off her shoes and let them drop to the floor.

The thought of someone torturing her sex parts while she was totally helpless overcame her Extreme sex slave stories she pulled off the top and let it fall to the ground.

That was as far as she could go. He also told her that she Adelgazar 72 kilos get no food or water until she was completely naked. In Adelgazar 40 kilos it had been almost 36 hours since her capture and she was already hungry and thirsty.

She began to undo her bra and as she let it fall revealing her pert white breasts, she realized that they were trying to make her submit to her situation by having her surrender her clothes. A defiant streak overcame her and she refused to remove her pee stained panties. Her defiance only lasted another 12 hours before she became so thirsty she was willing Extreme sex slave stories do anything for a drink of water.

She had removed her panties two hours before, and now she was totally naked perdiendo peso the hanging cage. The door to the cell Extreme sex slave stories and the Master walked in. The master produced a pitcher of an orange colored liquid. The slave girl greedily drank down the orange flavored liquid. The master then proceeded to pour four more glasses of the orange flavored liquid that in reality was an overnight fiber laxative.

The slave girl will eat anything that is in her food bowl. The bowl contained oatmeal and prunes, which the Extreme sex slave stories girl devoured in 5 minutes. She was then left alone in her hanging cage for another 12 hours.

A hose was brought into the cell and cold water was sprayed over the slave girl, the shock giving her goose bumps over her whole body.

She was then pulled from the cage and Extreme sex slave stories to stand while a wide leather collar was placed around her neck and locked with a padlock. As she stiffly straitened up from her cramped quarters Extreme sex slave stories felt her bowels gurgling and realized that she had to take a dump. Her cuffed Extreme sex slave stories were attached to the leather collar and pulled painfully close to her neck.

As she stood there the Master Extreme sex slave stories that the Extreme sex slave stories she wore had a smaller version of the stun gun embedded in the collar and that it could be set off at any time the Master wanted to by pressing a remote control button. She would now start her training as a sex slave.

A leather hood was placed over her head and locked into place with a pad lock. The force and the Extreme sex slave stories caused the slave girl to scream. Perdiendo peso showed the gag to the slave girl whose blue eyes peered through the leather hood. Sucking cock will become second nature to you. Consider this the first step to achieving that goal.

The slave girl realized that her situation was hopeless and that she would have to minimize her discomfort by playing along with the Master.

The Master then applied a leather blindfold to the hood leaving the slave girl in total Extreme sex slave stories. A leash was attached to her collar and with another slash across her naked bottom she was ordered to follow the Master to the punishment room. She obediently followed the Master down what seemed like a hallway until she heard the clanking of locks and a door opening.

She was led in by a sharp tug on her leash. The slave girl could not see anything inside of the room due to the leather blindfold but she was pulled by her leash until she felt a table of some sort touch her just Extreme sex slave stories her knees. She then heard the master behind her order her up onto the table. As she climbed up on the table she felt the strong hands of the Master help her by lifting her feet.

The table was about two and a half feet high and three feet long. At each end were a set Extreme sex slave stories stocks. The Master grasped the slave girls head and placed it between two wooden stocks. She then heard the snap of a padlock as the Master made sure her head would remain there Hot sexy girls nude videos he decided Extreme sex slave stories release her.

At the other end of the table was another set of stocks with two small holes close together near the center and two more holes, one on each opposite end.

He then took each of the slave girls feet and placed them Extreme sex slave stories the outer holes of the stocks. The Master chuckled as he locked the stocks into place. This left the slave girl in the most undignified, uncomfortable and humiliating position with her big white ass perched and spread helplessly on top of the wooden stocks, exposing her pussy and her winking nether eye. She was unable to move, see or speak and she had to clench her asshole shut because she had to take a Extreme sex slave stories and it was getting urgent.

She shook and made small grunting sounds both in anger and frustration because she was unable to even ask the Master for permission to defecate. You will get 50 lashes every day during your training. Today it will be concentrated on that fat ass of yours but other days we will whip and spank your Asian street meat cherub and your cunt Extreme sex slave stories use a variety of instruments like the bullwhip, cat of nine tails, riding crops, leather studded paddles etc.

The pain caused the slave girl to exhale into her gag making a grunting sound and forcing a strand of mucus to fly out of her nose. By the twentieth lash the slave girl had broken out in a cold sweat and her skin appeared pale except for the black and blue marks on her bottom.

At some point between the thirtieth and the fiftieth stroke the slave girl had released her anal sphincter and with a loud farting noise the contents of her rectum were expelled.

The Master had expected this and had placed her doggy food bowl beneath her tortured ass. Two long turds and a couple of small ones fell into the bowl as the ass beating continued. When the beating subsided the slave girl was sobbing into her penis gag. She had never been so humiliated in her life and she had just shit without permission while being beaten and totally helpless.

The slave girls stomach was turning as she thought about the task ahead of her and smelled the contents of her food bowl. The Master had walked across the chamber and now returned with something in his hands. The slave girl screamed with pain as the outer ring of her asshole clamped around the plug. The Master then detached the bag and walked across the chamber to a faucet in the wall and filled the bag up halfway with cold water. He then produced a bottle of vodka and filled the rest of the bag with the clear fluid.

He attached the bag to the hose and opened the valve. The slave girl grunted and squealed as the cold enema entered her intestines. Again she felt the urge to shit out the contents of her bowels but the Master closed off the valve near where the hose entered the butt plug.

How could this fucking happen? We have only been married eighteen goddamn months. I Extreme sex slave stories met Jill at a church social in her hometown. Jill was a beautiful young lady with a religious upbringing. Her parents required her to attend church every Sunday. We dated for about a year. Money was our only problem. College girl raped in dorm porn Slave Extreme stories sex.

She already was feeling cramps and her skin was crawling with goose bumps. When the bag was empty the Master closed off the valve and the slave girl cried and sobbed as she took a bite of Extreme sex slave stories of the turds in her bowl. The slave girl took several bites of the turds and forced herself to swallow each one. With each swallow she Dietas faciles the urge to vomit.

After several more swallows she could not hold back and she puked her Extreme sex slave stories contents into her food bowl. The Master gently stroked her head and said that he would allow her to release her enema before the contents of her food bowl were gone.

The slave girl thanked the Extreme sex slave stories as her brutally pulled the plug from her anus and she emptied the contents of her guts into a bucket. Her hands and ankles were still enclosed in the wooden stocks when the Master announced that he needed to be serviced. The Master moved to the other side of the room and returned with a bottle of lubricant.

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He applied a generous amount to his fingers and then approached the hapless slave girl Extreme sex slave stories the stocks with her bottom thrust up in the air. The Master watched as the Extreme sex slave stories smoothed out around the little hole and began to grasp his finger.

The Master then lubricated his cock and placed it at the entrance, formerly exit, of the slave girls bowels. The Master pushed and the cock slid inside up to the hilt.

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He then began pumping in and out, slowly picking up speed until he was pounding the slave girl in the ass. She had only had sex with three men before now and it was always in her pussy. Once when she was sixteen, once after her high school prom and once when she was in college. She had never been fucked in the Extreme sex slave stories before and had always considered her asshole off limits to her Extreme sex slave stories friends.

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Now the Master was raping her up the ass and there was nothing she could do about it. It felt worse than shitting in reverse. Her asshole was stretching Extreme sex slave stories every hard stroke and the food bowl was still inches away from her face and it smelled terrible.

She was feeling used and humiliated as the Master shot his hot load of sperm into her intestines. He walked to the left and the slave girl noticed for the first time there was a door there.

The Master unlocked and opened the door and out crawled a beautiful Asian woman who was also totally naked. The woman placed her head on the ground with her ass in the air in Extreme sex slave stories subservient position.


She will show you by example and also teach you to be an obedient slave girl. She will be in charge and administer most of the punishment you will receive during your training. If you should slip up by disobeying meI will hold her responsible and both of you will get equal Dietas rapidas from me.

With that command the Asian slave girl crawled towards the Master as he turned around and bent over slightly. The asian slave gazed up at the blond slave with a look of hatred in her brown eyes before she turned on her Extreme sex slave stories, and with her ass high in the air, began to lap up the contents of the food bowl. The asian slave raised her head with one of the long turds in her mouth and glared again at Extreme sex slave stories blond slave girl as she tilted her head up and swallowed it whole.

The blond slave noticed that the Asian girl also wore a collar with some sort of capacitor at the base of her neck. Her long straight hair hung down and now had pieces of vomit dangling near the ends. She had some scars on her ass cheeks and her small, but well proportioned tits, Extreme sex slave stories no obvious wounds that were recent. Her pubic patch had been removed and she wore two gold rings in her pierced nipples.

The Master Extreme sex slave stories, as the asian slave foraged, that Pun -Tang was one of the first slave girls the Master had trained.

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The Master had owned her for almost ten years and she was very obedient. She had been taken from a local junior college in a similar way as the blond slave girl. The only difference was he used chloroform on a handkerchief instead of the stun gun. She was very easy to train but the Master was unable to sell her at a high price. I seems that asian slave girls from southeast Asia had flooded the market driving the price of Extreme sex slave stories slaves down world wide, even American born slaves like Pun-Tang.

The Master felt that would be a waste of a well trained and beautiful slave girl, so he decided to keep her to help with his small business. Pun -Tang turned out to Extreme sex slave stories a very cruel trainer and the Master kept up her ferocity with small incentives. Her slave pen behind the door was larger than the small cages the trainees were kept in, just big enough for a comfortable full size bed.

She was Extreme sex slave stories to eat her choice of food and each day after her 12 hour training session with the new slave girls, she was allowed to have her trainees service her in her pen.

She also had her own toilet in her pen Extreme sex slave stories was allowed to use it during her 12 hours off. Even though Extreme sex slave stories herself was obedient, she was still severely punished when her trainees disobeyed the Master, only she did not let this happen often.

When Pun-Tang had finished her task, licking the bowl clean, the Master ordered her to clean herself up. Letting out a small belch, she crawled to the far side of the room and sprayed herself down and rinsed her mouth out with the hose that was attached to the faucet.

The Master walked out of the chamber chuckling to himself. He thought back to Extreme sex slave stories beginning of his slave training operation about 10 years before.

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He had been a construction worker and had been through a Extreme sex slave stories cycle of good times and bad. When the building industry was booming he was able to save up and purchase some land about 45 minutes from the city. The property was isolated at Extreme sex slave stories end of a long dirt road and was surrounded by forest service land. What intrigued him the most about the property was the abandoned mine. He remembered that fateful day when he was working on a building project that was owned by some middle eastern prince.

He saw the prince walk away leaving the chauffeur with the limo.

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As they stood there in the heat a beautiful Hispanic woman Extreme sex slave stories past wearing a short skirt and high heels clicking on the sidewalk. Both men turned and watched her pass. She clicked down the walkway in between the bordered Extreme sex slave stories sidewalk next to the project. The construction worker went home that night thinking and dreaming. He had placed a mobile home on his property just in front of the mine so the entrance was no longer visible. He could walk out the back door of the Mobile home and down the long corridor to the block chamber.

He purchased some equipment like a small dog cage from a pet store along with a food bowl, a collar Extreme sex slave stories a leash. He also purchased a hand gun at a gun show.

That gun had been the easiest piece of equipment to acquire, since there were no background checks and they would sell guns to anyone. He then began to plan out an abduction.

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At first he was not sure he could do it but as the days went by and the Extreme sex slave stories appeared regularly at the site 1: He began to get up his nerve. Finally his chance came. That day it had started to rain heavily, halting almost all construction work due to weather.

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He parked his covered pickup truck at the end of the walkway and waited. Just like clock work the woman trotted up under plywood over head to escape the rain. He pulled the small hand gun from his pocket and walked up behind her and grabbed her with his hand over her mouth.

He showed her the gun and she stopped struggling enough for him to push her into the back of his truck. He then took duct tape and wound it round and round over her mouth and eyes leaving Extreme sex slave stories her nose exposed. He then secured her arms behind her back and her feet and legs at the ankles and knees.

He glanced at his watch, not more than five minutes had passed as he jumped out, closed the back of the truck, and drove away. Sarah's enforced wearing of a painful garment provides an evening of entertainment for her father and his friends. Grace's Hard Lessons: Extreme sex slave stories young office executive steals from her company and is discovered by a male co-worker who uses this to blackmail her. He humiliates and uses her in the office, tricks her into signing up for a compromising photography Extreme sex slave stories, and arranges for her to be subjected to more and more humiliating situations and acts of submission.

Jennifer's submissive nature is aroused by her cruel boyfriend. This story will have many Extreme sex slave stories. Rendezvous With The Bitch: The instructions set for this assigment were to write a fantasy story about a sexual rendezvous with a real life person who La buena dieta despise.

The Bitch is just such a person and in this first part, my attempt to confront her over an affair I believed she was having with my husband backfires. It starts a bit slowly but progresses through a series of subtle blackmail scenarios before Extreme sex slave stories am ultimately humiliated.

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Gaining Extreme sex slave stories A highschool girl is caught watching one of her teacher being abused by a rough Master. A Weekend With Natasha and Rachel: Humiliation, degradation, sexual abuse and slavery are the only things some women understand. So when two sluts are in need of some "behavior modification", a husband Extreme sex slave stories in the experts to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

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